my mean green gregg juice

Everyone is juicing. Or smoothieing. Have you bought the premade ones like Odwalla or Bolthouse Farms? Buying them is insane! I could suck one of those bad boys down in no time. So I decided I had to make my own.

Recipes are endless and pretty much whatever produce you can get. I like mine just a tad sweet to get over the veggie but not koolaid sweet.

my mean green gregg juice:

2 hearty handfuls of fresh spinach
2 cups fresh pineapple
5 strawberries
1/2 cup water
1/2 cup REAL apple juice

Put it all in a blender and liquefy!

Enjoy in a mason jar with cute straw!


I don’t own a fancy juicer. I use a kitchenaid blender and found it liquefies just fine.

I also buy a lot of my produce at Aldi. My bag of spinach was 1.50
My pineapple was .99
My strawberries were on sale at Walmart.

So yes, you can juice for really next to nothing.

I also have a hard time with Ben sometimes eating fruits and veggies that are new to him. Let me tell you, he sucked his little cup of this down! Perfect way to get your kids to “eat” their fruits and veggies.

What kinda of fruits and veggies would you put in yours?


black-eyed peas


this girls favorite pea I think. I see it on the menu or hear it’s cooking at someone’s home and my stomach gets excited.

One pot has the ability to feed a crowd or create meals for another day. Super budget friendly!

Black-eyed Peas:

4 bags frozen black eyed peas
1 salt pork
Jalapeño peppers, for spicier peas


In large stock pot, empty the bags of blackeyed peas.

Fill pot of peas with water until water is above the peas. For me, I fill the pot 3/4 full.

Drop in salt pork and turn stove on to medium high. Heat until boiling. Cover and simmer for 4 hours. Stir every once in a while just to mix well.

Halfway through I salt and pepper for taste and add the jalapeños. I just cut my jalapeños in half, but the preference is yours.

Serve with a slice of cornbread. Enjoy!

If leftovers happen, once peas cool, store in gallon ziplocs and freeze until ready for use. Then thaw, cook and enjoy again.


Another way we will be enjoying these peas are over a bed of rice. Maybe white. Maybe yellow. But delicious and filling either way.