revitalize your hair with mayo


is it cold where you’re at? It’s cold here by golly, but luckily enough we aren’t experiencing any winter weather like ice or snow. Sorry to those who are.

My skin has taken a beating from this weather. These past few days my lips have been so chapped they begin cracking. Yuck! I remembered hearing how honey and Vaseline are good things to help moisturize so I’ve been applying those regularly. This morning there has been a major improvement. Phew!

But what’s worse is my hair. It’s feeling dry, frizzy and just looking sad. 😦 I decided to whip up a quick mask for my hair and now it looks and feels so much better!

Here’s my recipe so your hair can enjoy it too.

mayo hair mask:

1 cup mayo
2 tbsp honey
Juice from one lemon


Combine all ingredients in a bowl. Apply to dry hair. It’s gonna be messy so I suggest doing this over a sink. It is super drippy, put a plastic grocery sack or shower cap over hair to catch any drips.

Let set for 10-20 minutes. Rinse out with lukewarm water. Shampoo and condition as normal.


Are there any winter rituals that you have to keep that super dry skin and hair at bay?


lemons: good for your disposal too


one of the things I love most about the kitchen/pantry is how many things are so versatile. Home remedies for burns, dry hair, cleaning, dry skin and a million others. It’s also a good way to prevent yourself from wasting money.

My garbage disposal sees a lot of action. It also sees a lot of nasty, odor causing germs. Does yours?

I always keep lemons in my refrigerator. They are a little gem of mine. Once I use them for their juice, I simply scrape out the pulp. Turn your hot water until it’s good and steamy, dump your pulp down and run your disposal. All that citrus helps kill that bacteria plus leaving your sink smelling clean.

Another idea for good disposal cleaner? Baking soda. Pour a few tablespoons down then run the hot water. If I’m feeling the need I will do both lemon pulp and baking soda on the same cycle.

What are some of your favorite disposal odor remedies?