foodie favorites: blue sky cherry vanilla creme soda


I’ve decided to host a series featuring my foodie favorites. Whether it’s a product, produce item, etc., this series will feature where you find the item, recipes for the item (if necessary) and how I came upon this item.

My first foodie favorite is Hansen’s Blue Sky Cherry Vanilla Creme Soda.

I first met this awesome soda at the Homestead Heritage Festival in Elm Mott Texas. If you’ve never been, it’s quite a fun thing to experience atleast once. Everything that they make and serve is natural. No artificial anything and so when I had this soda with my lunch, which was a natural hamburger with natural bun and cheese, I was in heaven!

A soda with no dyes, no artificial flavors or sweeteners. I knew I had to find it in the metroplex.

I was in luck! I’ve found it at Kroger and Central Market, but any place that has a good organic selection probably does carry the Hansen’s soda line.

They have other flavors as well, but this is by far my favorite, and quite honestly I’m not a cherry flavor kind of girl.

picture courtesy of Hansen’s


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