coffee sugar scrub


Today’s post holds a little something different. This rollercoaster weather is creating havoc of all of ours skin. Let’s blame the wind. One of my favorite moisture items that can be found in your pantry is coconut oil. Chapped lips, rough feet, diaper rash. It’s like the all cure pantry item.

All of the items in this recipe are 100% edible so if get hungry and desperate. 🙂

Coffee Sugar Scrub

1 cup refined coconut oil
2 cups white sugar
Pre-brewed coffee grounds

In medium to large bowl whip coconut oil until fluffy.

Mix in sugar throroughly. Add in coffee grounds. I usually between 1/4 and 1/3 cups of grounds. It just how strong and dark you want your scrub.

Store in mason jar and container with a good seal. Scrub may need stirring to mix before use as oil and sugar seperates over time.

Scrub and on skin and rinse off. Enjoy smooth, moisturized skin.


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